Did a KAS Miner Price War Just Start?

Looks like Bitmain put out a special 48 hour offer for WDMS. the KS3 9.4T for only $17,860…over $7,000 less than ice river’s ks3 8T. Did the price war just start or will this actually be a limited sale event from Bitmain?

The scarier question to ask is, does this mean Bitmain is trying to clear this inventory so they can release a newer version?



It’s no longer listed on their website? Did it sell out?

i guess they’re having issues with it on the website. this link was posted by bitmain in their telegram and it’ll get you to it.


Thanks for that. I have noticed Iceriver max ambient temps are 35 while Bitmains in 40. Depending on where you live that’s a huge difference

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So what do re sellers do when they have stock they paid $20k+ for and Bitmain drops their price to $17k? Do they sell at a loss or plug them in and mine themselves?

Yes Bitmain resellers have plenty of Kaspa miners in stock. You can pick up a 9.4 for only 20K. I feel sorry for the ones who got one at 42K. Typical for Bitmain they do not care if you make money or not just if they make money. They should have been priced at 20k from the start and now should be around 12k. Ice River will probably only have the KS0 now as they got their money too!