Did I get scammed? (used power supply)

I bought a used 1300W EVGA power supply off ebay…
It came with a weird smell, along with a dead bee in front of the fan… I was very sketchy.

So I proceed to connect it to an outlet (which is good) to test if it turns on and runs fine…
I plug it in and turn it on, immediately I hear crackling and I power it off… I then turn it on again but this time nothing happens, the fan doesn’t move. I then turn the switch off and unplug it, as I unplug it I have my power supply shoot a short burst of sparks… I then test to see if my outlet still works - no, it doesn’t, and so do 3-4 other outlets not work anymore. Now I’m just clueless on what to do, should I try and refund? I feel like I got scammed with a power supply that is probably fried?

What should I do?

Send it back immediately.


AGREED! Get your money back!!


Just sent it back for a refund! Thank you.

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yeah always keep it simple and just send it back, you’re entitled to a 100% refund including shipping to you, and return shipping. (assuming you bought on amazon/ebay etc)


yep, hopefully everything turns out fine. can’t wait to get a power supply that doesn’t shoot gunshots so i can start mining : D