Different GPU's but same Rig - SMOS OC setup?

Is it possible to OC/UC my rig where i have different GPUs?
example: now i have 2 1070’s and 2 1660 Ti’s on the same rig, but I don’t know how to OC them separately.

if smos have his function you shut able change setting for etch your card manually just pressed on card, on minerstat you can adjust etch card manually

Thanks @Asiukas6. I am unable to find such a option in SMOS. Has anyone else had any luck with this?
I have seen @VoskCoin using SMOS on his videos before so wondering if there is a neat way to jerryrigging this.

iirc you use commas to separate the overclocks – the creator of smOS is on this forum @tytanick and @minerdude is a big smOS user w/ a ton of mining experience and his own massive personal farm.

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Thanks! i got my question answered after fiddling a bit more directly on the smOS website. @VoskCoin your reminder about the 1,2,3,4 helped.