Different hashrates? Help?

Same exact card, same exact settings and they are a full megahash apart? Any ideas? Running on old Asus rog gaming rig as a “duo” miner until my other mobo and cards arrive.

Using MSI afterburner. Power 75, mem clock +500 core clock +100. Geforce 2060 KO 8GB.

hash rate jumping everytime on my same never all 6gpu runing same hash

your cards clock is not same watch msiafter burner or you have selectect in setting synchronize your setting for both cards

Well card 1 never does more than card 2. It hasn’t had a higher hash rate at all in the last 30 minutes I’ve been toying with it.

watch at your picture cclk one 16… second 17… your carda not runing on same sittings

I see one core clock is 50 faster than the other

Hmmmm, wonder how I even that out heh, guess I really can’t.

Any ideas why the clocks are different?

msi not synchronised,gpu bios mod wrong,drivers,or pcie slot