Disappointed that I bought the LB-BOX without knowing more information!

Hey guys. Just venting for a sec. For some reason, I thought that when you purchased an ASIC miner, it was a multi-purpose device and you could select which algorithm you wanted it to solve. So, when I went on Goldshell, I purchased the only device available at the time, which was an LB BOX, and I was so disappointed when I learned it only mined a relatively non-profitable coin. I’ve got it running, because what else am I going to do, but it only makes like $1.26 a day using DXPool, and it will take more than a year to pay for itself, and offer a couple McChickens every day after that. I just wanted to vent for a second, and say that Crypto really does take significant research to make smart decisions! Dang it!

It is definitely a learning process, but you’ve learned a huge lesson a lot of people still don’t follow…don’t fomo into anything and do your research! You never know, this lb box “mistake” may make you a lot of money in the future. You learned your lesson a lot cheaper than a ton of other people. Either way, you are making a little money and learning more about crypto! You won’t forget that lesson and will be better off for it!


Somehow people think you will line up 10 boxes and make that 1.26 a day times 10… then you hope some magic occurs in the price as in a nice increase.

Right… and welcome into the wild world of crypto! Is this a $1.26 per day AFTER your electricity cost? Then you are making profits (aka passive income) and future faith of the coin (actually, many coins) is quite a gamble and can maybe turn around at some point :wink:


The LBC project is a pretty cool one. I suspect once the XRP lawsuits clears, LBCs lawsuits will melt away as well. If that happens LbC will take off.

I have two LB-Box’s coming. But I knew what I was buying.


When I started to buy KD Boxes 6 months ago it was a 400-500/day return but still bought a few and added more once they lowered the price to $1100 a box, those $1100 boxes are now at a 44 day payoff at todays coin price, luck plays into this and how well the coin is accepted in the market, spend some time researching each coin that Goldshell builds miners for and make the best guess you can.


If you really think you made a mistake buying the LB-Box, just post it on ebay, and resell it. They seem to go for upwards of $800 on there for some reason. (or post it for sale here)

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