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Could someone please provide the invite link to the Discord server? The link on Vosk’s YouTube channel says it has expired.

Also, I am new to telegram. Looks like a great way for us all to stay connected. Is there a link to it as well? I want to make sure I am following the correct one.

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Discord -



Hello! I tried to join the discord channel and it doesn’t seem to be working for me. Is this happening for anyone else? I joined and a bot MEE6 says to click the emoji. I clicked and it said to subscribe. I subscribed for $10 a month and nothing. The #VoskCoiners channel is still locked. What else do I need to do? Thanks!

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Yeah, I didnt pay anything so I guess I’m not in the discord channel.
THis is weird. Everywhere else on discord it’s been free to join.

It is free to join.

Can’t join the telegram group for some reason

yes, i also can’t join the server