Discord Phone Verification issue

So, I am having a problem being able to talk on the discord server, you guys have a verify your identity by phone requirement and my phone is a VOIP phone, which discord disallows, there is a workaround for people like me by giving a role of some kind to the user with this problem, I don’t need perms or anything with the role.
if you could help out I would be really grateful.

the discord name is WolfBoy#3562

just to let you guys know, this bypass is a bypass that discord themselves allowed, no one is breaking any rules when doing this.

I would like to have access to the server due to the reason of I am having more and more questions that I would not mind a community like this helping me to understand…

if I was a bot or a spammer or something trying to get a bypass then why would I be going on here requesting that they give me some kind of role… I am a legit user that wants to use the server for legit things… and it’s frustrating that you need non-VOIP numbers… VOIP numbers are cheaper than normal numbers due to how many they can make…