Discord versus this forum?

What is the difference between this forum and the Vosk Discord? I can’t see any threads on the Discord channel…is it down?

alot more people are active on the discord.

my problem with the discord is i cant keep up with everything going on it. forums like this and reddit are better for me to interact with.

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Thanks @NoVegas …I can’t even seem to be able to get into the Vosk discord channel? I have bought the “Nitro” or whatever it is called for $10 and clicked on the emoji as instructed. Any thoughts as to why? See the attached screenshot

I haven’t been able to even figure out how to use the discord. The format sucks

While I am no expert on Discord, I have other Discord channels I follow and all of their threads come up immediately when I click on the channel. The Vosk Discord channel does not and I can’t see any of the threads. I have to be doing something wrong, I just don’t know what it is?