DIY miner enclosure ideas?

I have a Goldshell HS5, 2 CK Box miners and 2 HS Box miners. I have electrical setup in my crawl space to power all units safely. Now I need to figure out what enclosure to build for them.

I am in TN so it gets very hot in the summer.
The crawl space has vents to the outside.
Any ideas?


There are many ideas you can gather from watching youtube videos. Many are very talented and some come up with very creative ideas.

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soundproof the room by lining every wall/door/ceiling/floor with adsorbing foam/carpet, keep it as open as possible, use the fans on your asic to move all the air out of the space, and allow for make-up air from outside so that the asic doesn’t suck all the air out of your house.

The ‘main’ thing that I found is the unrestricted flow of air keeps your machines running smoothly.

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