Do all the GPU's need to be same brand/model?

Looking to build out a 6 to 8 GPU 3060-ti rig (Hive OS) but will start with 1 or 2 GPU’s then buy more as they become available. Question is… do they all need to be the same brand and model?

Thanks for any help!

They do not need to be the same. Any gpu that can mine can mine next to another cards.

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Just to be completely clear, there are no issues running different GPUs together, as long as they are all either Nvidia or AMD and not a mix of both.

You can run a mix under Windows 10 (not under HiveOS) but you have to have both Nvidia and AMD drivers running at the same time and this can be very difficult to set up without conflicts.

Most of my rigs are mixed and linux and I am yet to have a single problem. One of my recent rigs is 2x 580 / 1x 570 / 1x 1660Super / 2x 5600xt / 2x 3070 and not a single problem. I don’t use hiveos but I know people that have mixed rigs and they say it works fine.

I am running 2x Nvidia gtx1660ti gaming and 1 AMD rx570 gaming x on the same rig side by side, haven’t had any issues other than figuring out how to over clock the AMD and its been running for a week now averaging 92mhs