Do I have any chance in getting a KD6 when it comes out?

title says it all - new to mining, trying to figure out how to get my hands on it. Have the usdt waiting in my wallet for whenever it drops.

I think there are some still doing preorders.

Are they legit tho?

Bigskyasics. Seem to be. They will be pricey. Money might arguably better spent on bitcoin miners

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Lololol shillll on

New to this … what do you mean schilll on? As in the person mentioning Bigskyasics?

Gpugoldllc has an issue with Big sky. that he has yet to even explained well, in two longwinded posts. Something about money, as most things are. He is not a fan. you can take or leave his spam as you will.
A kd6 may be supremely overpriced (no matter who you get it form) where KDA will be in 4 months. For example KD boxes are runnin 2 to 3 times over priced right now. Their ROI is 15 to 21 months.

I wouldn’t get into KD6 right now, given the fact that we don’t even know if it will ever get released like antminer E9…I would wait until goldshell announces something near their proposed release date.


No problem. Great people over there. GL