Does a powersupply only draws what it needs?

I did do a search, i couldn’t see this question.

Lets say I buy a 2k power supply & only hook up a 200 watt draw. Will the power supply only draw ~200 watts off the wall?

I’m thinking about future proofing myself & hoping i can get a quieter supply if i get one that too big for the job.

Sorry if this has been asked before.

Yes. So a 750W psu that is powering 200w of gear will draw 200w plus about 10w for the psu itself (for the fan and internal electronics).

I thought it was that way as i’ve seen people posting pics of plug in meters. Thanks for confirming

It’s actually a good question. A lot of people don’t know that. Also keep in mind to try and only use 80% of the psus rated capacity, and pay attention to its ratings based on 110 vs 220 input voltage. Some of the server psus have big differences.