Does a VoskCoin Discord Ban = a VoskCoinTalk Ban?

Was banned yesterday for calling out a mod on their hypocrisy. Maybe for more than that. Maybe for less. You’d have to ask the mod.

Regardless, I want to know if a ban on Discord means a ban here too. I don’t want to post my marketplace sale WITH A PICTURE this time here if the post is just going to get taken down.

I can leave on my own accord if requested but I don’t believe a disagreement with a mod should have resulted in a ban in this case.

I’ve bought, sold and traded tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment here and believe I have good standing with most people that use this space for crypto related purposes. I’ve spent hours helping people with their Helium setups and running simulations for them with excess credits on

If the ban stands, anyone that wants to keep in touch for future deals or assistance on helium mining, feel free to add me: SpaceDonkey#4859

Also, if it’s safe for me to post sales in Marketplace, please let me know.