Does anbody have / have used / or have thoughts on the LV05 Mini miner

Hi, I Live in the UK where electricity is still fairly expensive… (£0.24) ish per Kwh

so I am usually looking for low power miners

I saw this one on Aliexpress, and wondered what people thought?

Btc solo miner lucky miner v5 home miner machine BTC BCH BSV DGB WIFI SHA256 320G~380G LV05 silent miner machine mining machine - AliExpress 200001075


It looks like a lottery ticket miner. You’re not going to make any BTC from it, but you could hit a block and win the lottery.

If it were me, I’d go for one that’s got RGB.

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RGB? I’m guessing that’s not Red / Green / Blue?

you have a better chance in winning the normal lottery from the local gas station than hitting a block on those. if your looking for low powered mining check out goldshells (some can be profitable like the alph box but most arent) or a chia miner (long roi but low power consumption) you can do or