Does anyone have any experience with Hammer D10+ miner or

link reference Hammer D10+ LTC/Doge Miner 5G — Vipera - Tomorrow’s Technology Today (

To me this miner is a sweet deal because I can operate it on solar on the performance mode and the efficiency mode on battery backup/grid when the sun goes down currently. Buying 4 of these I would be able to average 14.2gh an hour per day switching between efficiency and performance mode.

My question is 1: Does anyone have any experience with this miner? and 2: Does anyone have any experience with Viperatech?


scam prbably, the websites registered adress is a medical office. also i cant find any info for that miner besides its post.

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Not sure about the website, but It’s a legit miner…price is listed on a discount which is weird considering the spike in LTC/DOGE miner prices recently. I have this listed for $4,500.

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@ShredZ , if @badgerlandcrypto says its a legit miner i would go with what he says.

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@y2kanonomous I know these guys had a stall at the Australian Crypto convention this year although I personally did not go and see them. So I was confident in the miner existing but also not sure if it’s a dud that breaks down easy or that website being legit. But thanks anyway guys

You have it also on Apexto listed…

Viperatech allows you to use amazon pay. If fraud goes down while using amazon pay they say they will reimburse you on I haven’t bought a miner yet but when I do it will be through them for that reason. They are a little bit pricier but I would rather pay more with assurances my money isn’t going to get stolen. Also, anyone get the feeling like some of these people posting are people that bash on other companies to attempt to get their business?

@CryptoFreak id say people are very wary about getting scammed. I haven’t been scammed and fingers crossed I never do

Hey Mr badger what’s your shipping like to Australia? Normally it’s cheaper for me to get from China/HK but I’m interested depending on costs of shipping. Cheers

They just jacked up the price $400 on Viperatech

I’d ship to you directly from my supplier in China so I don’t see shipping being that exorbitant. Maybe $250-300 max.

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Their amazon store has some positive and negative reviews. If you buy through amazon, you will be covered.

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Yes I would say so, and understandably. I have noticed a trend on this website however, it’s “no its a scam buy from me!”, and the accounts are like 2 day old. Super sketch. I’ll stick with what I know will protect my money. lol

I know, I wasn’t referring to you. Your post was respectable, and you are a frequent poster. I would be much more prone to trust what you have to say. I can’t blame anyone for hustling trying to get their empire to grow. I was reading through the forum though and there are so many people, throwing others peoples business under the bus on new accounts. It’s much less reputable. For me it causes a lot of confusion, it’s desperate, and shady. Drew should implement a type of trust system with a start of checkmark or something to indicate who has been part of the community awhile to help see through the shade.

Appreciate that man. It is unfortunate, and a system such as the one you recommended would be welcome. Whether people buy from me or not they need a reliable and safe place to buy their miners.

I bought 4 supposed to be refurbished Innosilicon A11s from these guys back in May, three shipped from China and they all were fine, the third they shipped from Montreal which was anything but refurbished it was loaded with dust, dirt and one of the hashboards was dead and the box it came in look like it had been dragged behind a truck. To cut to the quick it was a major hassle to get things resolved with many emails and calls later. I sent the miner back to them for repair which they couldn’t fix, and then it took them a month and a half after that to get me a replacement. In the end they did get me a miner but I would never deal with them again. To add I also bought an open box S19 104 that I had no issue with, so I’m neutral for feedback.

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Thanks mate - I checked and they don’t ship to Australia anyway. I ended up buying a bluestar L1 from Apexto for $3500 so fingers crossed that all goes smooth

Please let us about experice with Apexto… I had good one … But few times you get everything fine , but last time you get cheated… there is always this possibility

I had experice with my last supplier from EU , first 10 times good , but last time I was cheated for 50 K in 2021…

I will buy in 2023 5 to 10 Doge Miners , and 5-10 KA3… Thats why i need info on 1 atnd Apexto… My first order at them was in April this year, and unfortunetly last for now , then cripto went down so I stoped ordering machines

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I just did a video on the Bluestar L1 that I received last week and my first thoughts. The Bluestar is over 4000 watts not the 3800 as advertised so she’s hungry for sure, and it won’t connect to some of the key mining pools I’ve just realized last night. Works fine with F2 Pool, but no Dx Pool or Litecoin pool. I contacted the supplier I purchased miner from and they contacted the manufacture who says they are working on a firmware update, but why the hell would you release a miner thats not compatible with most pools? Anyway thought I would share, with no disrespect to Drew or his channel as I’m also a subscriber of his as well.

I thought I would add the Hammer D+,Bluestar L1 and Blackminer L1 are all manufactured by the same manufacture.

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Thanks for the video and info mate, you are real easy to understand talking in your video and you have a good voice for it. Have a good day legend

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