Does anyone here mine Hacash? It is the achievement of the Crypto trading cards of Hal Finney

I wanted to mine this hacash coin with GPU but for my ignorance I am not able to do it, I tried to ask in the community groups but as hacash is something relatively new no one helps me, out of curiosity is anyone mining? If yes, are you using GPU?


I am not mining it, but just read all their info. All 5 websites, lol.

This page>> was the one to view :

They use an original Coin mining design. Starting with CLI (they call it Command line Wallet, A CLI is Command Line Interface/ same thing, different names) they call it “hacash.config.ini”
Hacash likes to give stuff their own names. So what should be a QT.file (a normal thing in coin mining ) is referred to as a compiler by hacash (file “miner_node_hacash_ 2020_××_××”) , which will update/download all Blockchain data, sync’ing you up to current.

From here is gets a little nutty.
You would either build your own full node, to mine from, or mine off of an existing pool.

So for everything I said above , , gives a easy/clean run down of what to do.

So lets just assume you’re going to run your own node.

At the bottom of , #6 you see they talk about adding GPU mining

So once you have set up and updated your full node. Then you go to Github (their links) and get the X16RS miner. And it’s not the ‘normal’ GPU miner we all know. (again, Hacash likes to name and do things their way)

X16S and X16RS are rather unique. So once you download and install the GPU mining program, it will run in CPU mode for sometime using the Algorithm X16S, as that is running and compiling, it will start X16RS mining on your GPU. That all seems a little funky, but that’s what their GitHub dictates.

Some personal thoughts on this crypto. I have reservations. They began in 2019, so they have gone through a BTC Boom without being known (not good). the HAC token is another group. The other group is gone/dead (no web site) but they still hold an account on CoinMarketCap for the ticker HAC. From everywhere I search I see no HAC (hacash) traded. They have a .50 cent price… no thing is 50 cents. they did that themselves by buying the coins from themselves 1 time and setting the price.
This lead me to think the coin might be dead. Except 1 real fact, , say’s the pool is currently hashing at 10.55 GH with 22 nodes operating and hashing/mining.

I’d like to ask, how did they get on your radar?
But keep this thread informed. If/When you successfully hash, please tell us, and maybe post some stats and opinion about your feelings towards the Coin.

Another question, do you plan on holding all 3 of their Coins? or just the 1 minable type. The other 2 seem to be NFT style Coins (art work) and a Coin which locks value of Hacash to BTC, which then becomes represented in a Coin form.

Edit: I know they are from 2019 because the files were compiled and first ran in 2019 on the hacash blockchain.
And welcome to Voskcointalk. I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do. Cheers Mate.

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Please join tg here where you will find all miners like you and all resources about Hacash. Telegram: Contact @hacashhacd

As far as I know you cannot mine using gpu now.

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Thank you so much for replying! Awesome reply! There is now a more elegant offline and online wallets and soon will go do to startup DEX and wallets. The info will be more up-to-date if checking

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