Does anyone need L7?

L7 is in our warehouse in Hong Kong.
We will send DHL 3-7 for delivery

ANTMINER L7 8800M $18150
ANTMINER L7 9050M $19,800


payment:Crypto Currency/Bank Transfer /alibaba pay
if you are interested , please leave me message

With you being a new member here and your asking prices under $20k I strongly lean in the direction of “probably a scam”

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Because I’m a new member, so I gave for build business partnership price,
I’m not afraid of questions. You give me 10 minutes of video call and I’ll show you, No matter how much you say, you can’t prove it. Trust your eyes, friend​:grin::grin:

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I’ve purchased from him and received my orders


Actually under 20k is a normal price for the last 2 weeks or so. I have been getting price quotes and they ranged from 19,300-19,800. So his price is actually within range

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@Zhichao is super great and nice, I was able to get orders to me sooner than expected

Thank you so much for your supprt Mike ,our compay will always offer good price and good service

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How can you accept alibaba pay? I thought china banned selling miners through alibaba?

They will most likely use different wording such as “video card gpus” or “Computer fans” etc

Price makes sense btw. 9300M is about 13x,xxx for Hong Kong stock.

hi friend , yes you are right , In alibaba it is the policy that we can’t sell miners , but can sell GPU , in alibaba only for the payment to protect both of us , we will send what you ordered

阿里收外汇也方便 :wink: