Doge miner IP address

Hey guys I’m trying to set up my doge miner but I’m struggling.
I have found my IP address but can’t get it to open on my browser. Any tips? I tried searching for the solution but can’t find it.

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had the same problem it was saying that it had to do with the router possibly? not sure haven’t figured it out need incoming connections says they are good on my computer but not receiving any :hot_face:

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I think I am having the same problem, I am unable to find my existing boxes in my own network. I cannot find my boxes using find my goldshell anymore but had to go with my Ip address checker and find those boxes.


If your miner has wifi, get on it’s wifi hotspot it creates, then in the browser type in, this will give you access to all the miner settings like wifi, pool, security

Doesn’t have WiFi, I’m connected to Ethernet. I can find my IP address but when I put it into my browser it will not load it. It just says the page can’t be found.

I turned my VPN off and it still won’t load.

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I cant even get my node to receive rewards in my wallet it says im processing transactions but I have no outbound connections but im sending data

the whole chain is synced

How did solve it??