DOGE POS kills L7?

The proverbial 800 lb gorilla in the room… As an owner of only one L7, My original thought was to buy 4 or 5 more, let the coin come up and collect @5-7k a month and look real smart afterwards. Then I hear of VB and the Doge foundation putting it on their roadmap and that calls for a change of plans.
How long would it take to convert Doge honestly?
I know Vosk pointed out that only a few wallets consume @45% of the total coins, so going POS puts control in the hands of those few from the start.

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Interesting to learn more as I was wanting to buy more L7 also!

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I’ve head this a few times, but I don’t see it happening any time soon. If at all.


That would be great badgerland, thanks.

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Same here, no worries. If we use ETH as a guideline, you’ve got a good 5-6 years from the whispers!!