Dogecoin Miner Setup

I’m looking to build a miner just to mine dogecoin. If anyone has got a setup I would like to know about it. Or any advice on the topic. Thanks

You need a scrypt ASICs miner not GPUs if you want to mine Dogecoin; or mine with GPUs at a pool that can pay you in Doge (like

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How to get dogecoin

What Asic miner would you recommend? I’ve been looking but no luck. Thanks

I ended up ordering the antminer L3+ It’s old one, but it was in my price range, so we shall see what I can learn from it.

Doge can be dual mined with Litecoin - the latter of which is more profitable. It’s hard to find miners with the boom right now, but in theory anything that can do SHA-256 algorithm can mine both coins.