Dogecoin turning proof of stake?

Doge possibly turning to Proof of Stake :thinking:


I hope ETH has a lot of issues so others will not follow.

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If Vitalik gets way, miners will disappear…

I wonder why it must be either PoW or PoS, why they cannot do hybrid, PoW plus PoS for the same coin….
Also I wonder if Vitalik is not afraid to walk the streets alone:)) I would:))


Doesn’t Nervos CKB have that type of hybrid platform? PoW and PoS?

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The only one I’m familiar with that has that kind of hybrid platform is Helium. But that’s proof of stake and proof of coverage, not technically proof of work

wait… you can stake helium? I didn’t know anything about that!

Yup, but it’s pricey if you want to stake as a validator. 10,000 HNT to be exact. You can stake at a lower cost through a third party as well

I hope that if everything changes to PoS that they lower the amount needed to stake and increase the rewards.