Don't Call it CRYPTO or NFTs... Cryptocurrency is under attack

Don’t Call it CRYPTO or NFTs… Cryptocurrency is under attack… and it’s all so tiresome. The government doesn’t want you to succeed and taxation is theft and this crypto bear market is just so tiring… I am earning passive income with crypto using this - Evergreen

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Solana blockchain sucks and had a huge outage, because its centralized… Bitcoin is awesome and keeps chugging along, and there are even BTC nfts now thanks to ordinals. Kevin Owocki is working on regenerative finance and build. Making some painful progress on my bitcoin mining farm, unlike terawulf who are now mining BTC with nuclear energy and so much more crazy crypto news including over $21m hacked?!!

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Blockchains never sleep, and neither do I
00:18 Solana went down for 19H!
00:43 Coinbase has moved away from Silvergate
01:47 Chia has a finders fee for the miner that found a block!
03:32 Kevin Owocki unveils ReFi Incubator
07:13 Collect, play earn with DOLZ
07:45 Mining Farm and Voskcoin HQ update!
10:00 NFT projects are rebranding!
11:45 TeraWulf’s Nuclear Bitcoin Mining Plant!
13:26 EMG First Blockchain Telco SuperApp
17:00 7 Defi protocol hacks, $21M lost
20:44 Yuga NFTs the scammer dream
21:23 Got tails on the BTC as an Ordinal!

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Don’t Call it CRYPTO or NFTs… Cryptocurrency is under attack…

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