Dose anyone know what is going on with the US MNTD queue

I signed up for the queue and according to their Twitter, there were 12,000 blacks available, and only 10,000 people signed up. Everyone was supposed to get an email today at 8 pst but I got no email. I am wondering if people had the same problem or if anyone got a payment link?

They said the queue would close at 8 pst but I don’t see anywhere them saying when the emails would go out. All I can find is that shipments start on the 16th. Now granted for that to happen they have to ask for payment. I haven’t received anything yet either but I only signed up for a gold. I have 2 Bobcats coming in less than a month (I hope) so no need for more unless I could get gold.

From email: US drop queue closes today, March 15 at 8 AM PDT. Shipping will begin on Wednesday, March 16, 2022.

Thanks, Joe. Fingers crossed the payment links go out tomorrow and that you get a gold one.

It’s barely 7:11pm here on the west coast(PST). Hopefully we’ll have some info soon🤞🏼

MNTD tweeted this 3 hours ago…
US friends, we’ll tell you your position in the drop queue via email shortly, so make sure to check. When an order becomes available for your position, you will receive a secure payment link to complete your purchase.

I got my email about an hour ago.

I got an email about my queue spot.
Hey, your position in the queue is 2,917. You can view the status of your registration…
Still waiting to get email to pay.

I got an email this morning too. My spot in the queue for a gold mntd is 16,974. There are 5,207 gold spots available. So I’m out of luck it seems.

I just registered for the black. I heard the Gold miner times out more frequently. Could be wrong though

I got lucky with spot 105. I purchased my goldspot this morning.

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got email this morning. was able to purchase about an hour ago.

Did anyone else have their credit card company decline the purchase?
Just want to make sure this is correct website before I call the credit card.
Screenshot 2022-03-17

Update: After a quick call to my credit card company-they wanted to confirm that I placed the transaction due to location. Smooth sailing after that, Black version will be on its way!

How do you even get on the waiting list? When I get the website the only thing I can do is sign up for the newsletter.

Still waiting for my queue position email on a black. The site says I’m verified, but the status is still pending…hopefully, it comes soon.

I got my payment link this morning. Just made my purchase!

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My goldspot just got delivered! That’s right at 48hours from when I paid. I’m kinda shocked lol.


I signed up for the newsletter a month ago, and they sent an email saying they have some in stock and will be doing a random queue thing. They had their website changed from 3/10 until 3/15ish where you could register to be in the queue.

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While I’m not sure what is going on with mine…I got the confirmation email that I was in the drop queue for a black series, but never got a position number email, or a purchase link, and now the link you could follow to verify your information is showing as expired…so I guess I don’t get a chance to buy.

That is strange, after I registered they sent me an email with my position. Then they sent me the payment link which you enter your payment info. I got mine today, 5 days after I paid. :tumbler_glass: :tumbler_glass:

I too have paid for mine last week. Still have not received it. Did you get a shipping tracking number that you could follow it?