Drew Vosk -Consultant

You should think about consulting on the side,and not for free. Since your doing this full time you should open another stream of income. Plenty of people like me would pay for your personal help(at your convience) when needed. Example,I would have rather paid for personal(someone like your self)help while starting my first adventure in setting up my C1 pro. Time is money to people like me,it took hours and hours of videos and literature to get where I am now. I would have rather paid for a 1/2 to 1 hour(how ever many hours it takes) and start runnin asap then to spend hours which turns into days if your looking for the right answer.
Brite side is I learn from my mistakes and how to do a few things more while trying to search for answers…always findings other answers,not the one I’m particularly looking for.
I just thought I would put this out there,maybe there’s a particular reason I don’t see mining for coins consultants. Anyone who knows there shizzz should be doing this…xtra cash for and from those in need.