Driver crashes RX 5700 xt


A few days ago i got a new rx 5700 xt sapphire nitro+ for my gaming pc and when i am not gaming i use a profile in the radeon software to do some mining.
I have overclocked and undervolted a bit but it will sometimes crash.
so i started with 1300 at 750 voltage and 1830 Vram with a custom fan curve. After like 24hours it crashed. So i adjusted to 1300 at 800 voltage, and lowered the Vram to 1810, but it still crashed like 24 hours later.
Adjusted it again and went up to 1300 at 850 voltage same Vram, and crashed again.

Sometimes the driver would just crash (black screen and then on again but windows kept running) Sometimes the entire pc would crash.

I am just not sure what the problem is, it would run fine for like hours at end and then crash. I can’t time it either its totally random.

I’m not sure if it is the undervolting/ overclocking or just the driver ?
When my pc restarts it goes back to mining but then it draws like 100watts more since the profile changed.

Never had problems with crashing when gaming but then i use another profile with boost in frequency and vram but not looking at power then.

This is also my first time overclocking in AMD, i have always had Nvidia, so i have never undervloted like this, i always just used the power setting .

Any idea everyone?

What driver version are you using? My 5700xts were doing the same thing when I started …team red miner suggested I try driver version 20.4.2 and since then no issues. I also use their miners for eth,Ravencoin, Nimiq etc and rig runs awesome now. I’m running 2-5700xt’s, 1-5500xt and 2-580’s ( got what could afford at the time…more 5700xt’s in the future) hope that helps

Same here for my 5700. I was running a basic OC that was stable for a week and now if I do any adjustments, either through MSI AB or even the Stock “OC” profiles an adrenaline it crashes and restarts the computer.

I run both of mine at 1380-760 and 1820 on memory…stable and running good…been mining Nimiq for the past week and getting about 1000 coins every 24 hours with my 5 cards on nimpool…though this morning the pool hash rate has dropped A LOT…so I may switch back to ETH today if it doesn’t get better

Driver was for sure the issue with mine…I had downloaded whatever the newest one was (don’t remember which) but 20.4.2 works great

I switched to 20.4.2 and everything seems to be working fine for me now. It odd, that it was doing so well on the more recent driver and then started crashing.

Good deal…now go get them coins👍

I’ll try that aswell, ty for the tip :slight_smile: