Driver Timeout on 6x 5600xt Rig

Just wanted to post here and see if anybody else has had the same issue I am having. My 5600XT rig keeps getting a driver timeout issue on GPU 6 and only GPU 6. GPU 6 is a working card. I started having this issue when I changed my drivers from 20.4.2 to the most recent release of drivers and changes to phoenix 5.4c.

Naturally I DDU’ed the most recent release and went back to 5.1C phoenix but now the problem occurs with this set up as well. I know AMD’s drivers are notoriously a complete shitshow and clusterfuck.

Anybody have a solution?

I have been getting the same time out. always one of my 5700xt cards. frustrating as it just recently started.

I swapped mobos and the problem is now occurring on me 1660ti rig lol.