Dual mining eth and ton

So I just set up dual mining eth and Ton and made a significant difference in daily profitability… let it run a few days and see hot it goes…


The worst part is cashing out. The only ligit way for those in the US, is the native bridge with 5 ton +% commission and gas fees.

I’m in canada but haven’t looked into logistics of cashing it out yet… if any Canucks here know full me in

With everyone jumping on this, it doesn’t really seem to be worth it.

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It’s incremental but nothing special… no harm no foul… just hope the coin does something silly and I’ll take a flyer on it…

Your RX 6600 non-XT’s could do better. I have a rig of 12 RX 6600’s and I get 29MH/s on ETH and 895MH/s on TON. They are around 50-60 Core Temp and 72-76 Mem Temp, Try these settings and see if they work for you.

RX 6600 ETH & TON Settings:
• 1800 Core Clock
• 0 Core Voltage
• 675 Memory Controller Voltage
• 950 Memory Clock
• 1100 Memory Voltage
• 80% Fan

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im getting 32 mhs on eth on all ot the xts at the moment… the non-xts need help… i find the samsung (32.25mh) are doing the best, then the micron (30.05 mH) then the hynix (28/ 29 mh)
Which are yours before I try those settings?
Its a fickle bitch and crashes but the hynix ones stink… any chance yours are the hynix?

the 3060ti and 2060 i feel could be working better as well, but theyre currently stable, so ill take it

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Unfortunately, the cards that I have are all Hynix memory, but they are pretty stable. Although my friend had some stability issues with 1100 memory voltage, he was able to get it stable with the rest of my settings but with 1200 memory voltage instead.

Samsung is generally what I wish I could get, but I did not win the silicon lottery. :joy: