DX Pool HD-BOX MIner How to get profits

I am having issues collecting my profits for the DX Pool. I am unable to bind phone number. Been less then 24 hours I do see my profits, but I don’t see how to put them in my wallet.

Any feedback be useful thank you.

I had the same issue with them. They had to go in and correct my phone number themselves. Just send them an email and they should be able to fix you up. It did take a few days, but they corrected it.

Also… I switched to ViaBTC and it has been great. Couldn’t get it to work initially (that is why I went with DxPool first), but now it is running smooth. The ViaBTC app is also great for monitoring when I am not home.

ViaBTC work with HD-Box Miner?

Issue all solved!

I was able to get HD-BOX miner to work with DxPool.

  • Profits do not show up right away, took 24 hours to get your profits to show up in wallet.

Still Weird Issues though:

  • WeChat app they advertise does not work (needs friends to sign up for it) not sure what that is all about.
  • F2Pool is advertised to run with HD-Box miner but unable to set up a pool for it.

I did not buy the PLUG from Goldshell: I bought a GD 80 Power supply brand (GameMAX 750 WATT 80 gold.

  • Had issues didn’t want to turn on to run my HD-Box miner. Thought it was broken.
  • I was able to solve the issue by jumping the mother board wire with a paper clip until I noticed the miner had a cover that does a better job.

Other then that the HD-Box miner is weirdly more quiet then my Library Miner and runs smoothly now.

How everyone else enjoying the miner?

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Btw, you can buy a jumper cap to clip to your 24-pin - it’s a bit more professionally done so you don’t have to worry about shorts.

yeah that jumper is awesome.

KD-Box back on sale again!