DX pool no hash rate notification

Hey everyone, I just noticed my ck box went to 0 hashrate this morning. The lights looked good on the miner all day so I thought everyhting was working well. I normally log on the pool once a day to take a look and noticed my ck was inactive. I changed to the .net address and it is active and working again. My question is, is there a notification setting that can be set so dxpool would email or text when hash rate goes to 0? I looked over the site and did not see it anywhere. Thanks for any info!

Change the com in your dxpool to net

I have 6 asic miners and they all stopped hashing over the last 24 hours because dxpool site is down. You have to use their .net website instead of their .com website.
And change the pool from com to net

Their dxpool app has notifications, but not for people in the USA. Hopefully they change it soon.

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It is nice to have a backup pool as well. When dx went down my asics went to my backup which is f2. Nice to not have a lapse

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Thanks, I switched over to the .net login last night but never changed the pool address because it was still hashing with no issues, it stopped about 5 am this morning eastern time for me. Lesson learned, plus that is kind of garbage that there are no notifications in the USA.

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You are 100% right, I appreciate the tip. I’ll be setting one up in a few minutes!

I also flipped my HNS and LBC to .net this morning when I checked the pool. I moved my KDA and LTC to other pools a week ago so all good. If they get this resolved I think I will leave the .net as my backup pool just in case this happens again. I also have F2Pool set up.

So I now have 2 pools listed under my miner, one icon is green which is where it is mining to, and the other is gray. So does it automatically switch over if one pool goes down? Are there any settings I need to change for this, or is just having the other pool listed good enough? Thanks

It will try them in the order you have them listed. Drag & drop in the order you like. If the top one goes down it will try the next pool.

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Thanks, I appreciate the info!

I have a bit different question. Where i can transfer KDA and wallet still works? I had send to my Coinex,but their are on blody maintanance. Any ideas when they finally will resume KDA wallet.
At the moment being dump… don’t know how to cash out some of my KDA at the moment… :slight_smile: