DX pool not letting me withdraw KDA

Anyone else having issues with withdrawing KDA out of DX pool?

Hi Bhobbs 1
Have changed your wallet address in DX if you have they automatically freeze you payments for 24 Hrs also your wallet address must begin with letter k

No, it will not even let me click on the withdrawal button.

Did you just add the wallet to your DX pool account? Anytime you add/change a wallet address for withdrawals in a DX account, they freeze any withdrawals for 24 hrs as a security measure.

No, I’ve been mining with it for a couple months.

Hey Guys, I have a problem with withdrawing my kda assets, it’s asking me for the public key, and don’t know where do I get the public key from.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

And is showing me this message

My kda appears to be paying out to Zelcore , but I did have that message come up when trying to login using username. I had to use my telephone no. on the end.

I am sorry, but I am not following, what should I do?

he is saying that you should use your phone number to login, instead of your username.

Oh, great, much appreciated.