Dx pool sells miners?

Has anyone heard of this? https://global.dxpool.io/product/goldshell-kd-box-hs-box-lb-box-bundles/?s=01

Yes, bought a KD-Box / HS-Box bundle a month ago for $2,999. Price has gone up considerably since then. Today it is 5,238 but includes a LB-Box. Goldshell seems to partner with DXPool on releases.

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What do you have to do to get them shipped to the US? I’ve only been looking at stateside sellers because I have no idea what to do otherwise.

Nothing special. I just ordered, paid via Coinbase Commerce, and it arrived via DHL a few weeks later. It was actually easier to go through the checkout process than from Goldshell’s own website.

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they are sold out.

Did you get wacked with any Tariffs?

looks like 3 are back in stock…if you take out LB Box and HS box that would make KD Box around $4000

There is a cutoff I believe. So this depends on what the supplier places as a value on the item.

It also depends on whether or not customs decides to request payment for it. They can hold it until the payment is made.

will not let me do that, just said bundle and out of stock.

Keep trying, I tried for an hour this am, it didnt work, just tried again and checked out with a KD-Box Set

Scratch that, they are OOS on their page now, not just when you add them to cart.

7 miners so far. Some from Goldshell, some from Dxpool. I’ve not had to pay a tariff yet. Probably because they are lower price than most miners? I don’t know.

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just the kd miner is worth way more then $4k so that’s a great deal imo. thanks for the info guys

I don’t mean to be a Debby Downer but they keep changing the price so the return on investment is 8 months. The KD bundle is 5240, up from 2999 for a KD and HS just a few weeks ago however KDA has been dropping and the KD-box is only making half what it did just 10 days ago. In the end you’re looking at 6-7 months now to get a return on investment on this combo. At $4k it would take 5 1/2 months.

Still it’s making way more than any of the other Goldshell small Box miners and any ROI less than a year on an ASIC is good as long as things don’t keep trending down.

demands is too high on these products, glad i could buy from other providers my kd5