Dx pool shop website is this the right on?

I just wanted to make sure that this is the right dx pool web site to buy a miner from. Had a miner in the shopping cart ready to go to coinbase for the payment but I got cold feet and decided to ask you guys who made purchases before if this is the right website. Would you purchase from them? Is it difficult to pay from coinbase? Just wanted to be sure I would hate to send my money to a scam site and say bye bye to my usdc. I know it’s probably been talked about before I just need to make sure. Hey friends thanks for your help seriously thank you

I’ve ordered from them back in December. It took about 3 weeks total to get it. Ordered a DOGE mini and HS box from them. Got the tracking number in about a week and 2 weeks for the shipping.

This is the link I’ve seen others on this forum use Available Machines – DxPool Shop I haven’t yet used it myself though.

Yep, that’s the right one. For me it took around 2 weeks, most of the wait was because DHL is horrible and it takes forever to deliver , if you order is under 1,600$ you avoid paying tariffs.

OK great guys thank you so much for the info . I just got to search on the taxes now. So many scams out there I hate to loose hard earned money on that . Honestly thanks for the help

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