Dxpool crypto wallets

What wallets work with dxpool ?

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What coin are you looking to mine?

What exactly are you planning to do?

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LTC and doge coin

Lite coin amd doge coin

Last time I checked they did not let you withdraw Litecoin to Mweb wallets which is currently only available in Litecoin core wallet as far as I’m aware so you should be able to send/receive to any wallet that isn’t Mweb in Litecoin core, you can still use a non Mweb address in Litecoin core which will be Legacy or Native Segwit (I think, If im wrong someone will correct me) I’ve never used an exchange so I’m not sure about sending/receiving from an exchange. you can always download Litecoin core and Dogecoin core here which has a wallet and is non KYC, just make sure you write down your password on paper offline (incase you have a keylogger etc, never allow it to be visible in front of a webcam or camera) and backup your wallet onto multiple USB or hardrives

Good luck happy mining