DxPool KDA mining looks like its down

I anyone else experiencing the DxPool KDA mining being down?

It’s the whole Kadena network. All pools are down…

The Kadena team is looking into it…

Thanks for the update…

ROFLAMO! on the first day of useing my kd6. Lol.

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Also Poolflaire and Mars… Good think that I check here , I went for my screwdriver to repear miner

Some people said Poolflare is back up and running, but DxPool is still down.

Just plugged in a new machine on poolflair getting 87% reject rate, something is going on for sure

Yep, can confirm poolflare is down. Seems the guys in reddit are saying everything is down.

Same here. For 2 KD5s on Poolflare, my 1 hour avg. hashrate for both combined is 1.18Th. When I look at Goldshell rig software, both rigs are hashing just under 18Th each, but it’s showing sky high rejection rates.

Poolflare looks like it’s back up.

Can confirm

Congratulations on picking up a KD6. @Winston

DxPool is running again… yea.

Everything should be back online now…