Dxpool shop question

Hey there! I just recently ordered some mini doge pros on Dxpool shop and the order status says failed… but everything on my end went through…my coinbase commerce says completed with an order code. Do i give it some time and see if the status corrects itself? or should i contact them? Thanks!!! (p.s. im just seeing if anyone else has ran into this situation)

@Dunny28 Are you sure you ordered from a legit site, what site did you order from specifically? Did you get the gas fees correct? You will need to open a support ticket if you over/under paid

@Chsear11 yea i used the right site dxpool.io the one from their twitter account., i think what might have messed me up is that Coinbase put a “As a security precaution, we have delayed the send transaction below until May 2” but i just needed to verified my Id on Coinbase, so i did and everything went through on coinbase. there was a 2 hour gap between checking out on dxpool site and seeing i need to verify my ID.

@Dunny28 Yeah, I think maybe the 2 hour delay may have done something, it’s been a while since I ordered from them but I think I remember something about completing the order within an hour.

@Chsear11 update everything went through! I got an email saying my order is being processed! Thanks bud for the replies! I appreciate you!

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:+1:Good deal, glad it finally processed!

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