DxPool shop restocked


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Bro you literally posted this only seconds after creating a new profile. Suspicious much? Lol

Dxpool shop is legit. Bought a CK box and mini doge from them.

Make sure you use the correct website though

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How do taxes and duties work on these? I’m in the us. What would the cost be?

It depends on where they are shipping from. If they are in the country then what you see should be the final price minus state/local taxes. If they are shipping from China then they should be subject to about 27% import fees depending on declared value at customs. It depends on how aggressive customs chooses to be regarding the shipment. If they inspect the package and see a discrepancy between invoice and declared value, then they will make the shipper update information.

If shipped to my home address how is this bill taken care of?

If it is shipping from China to your home address, you will receive shipment information from the carrier: UPS, DHL, ChinaPost, etc. It will give you updates as it progresses. If customs duties are due, then the carrier will contact you, place a hold on the package, and then provide a way for you to pay the required amount.

What duty rate am I looking at ;( have an L3 on the way, paid 1200

Super sus because none of the miners are in stock spam advertising

Dxpool is legit…I have placed several orders through them and so have numerous other members. It’s not a scam. @Ryan_Crosby

It is all sold out. They sell out pretty quick! :joy:

I read that used equipment is not taxed the same as new when being imported thru customs. My $2400 used miner order was not taxed when imported from China to California. So I believe used my not be taxed import fees but I’m not sure.

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