Earn money on Algorand w/ Yieldly!

Yiedly is here to help you earn yield, or simply earn money on the Algorand blockchain. ALGO gained a lot of popularity and price due to speculation and YLDY is finally bringing DeFi to ALGO!
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Algorand ALGO is a coin and blockchain worth literally billions of dollars but not many actual projects, coins, or tokens have been built on their blockchain platform yet. Yieldly is looking to change that and bring DeFi decentralized finance to Algorand with their YLDY token enabling staking on Algorand including multi-asset staking, and no-loss lotteries on Algorand, and one of the most interesting dapps Yieldly is building is cross-chain swapping. Interoperability between blockchains has really been lacking but Yieldly is looking to solve that and hopefully help make all of us crypto investors more money and coins!

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Cross-Chain
02:13 Algorand cryptocurrency coin price
03:03 How to win $1500
03:31 DeFi on Algorand w/ Yieldly
04:51 Yiedly connecting blockchains
05:31 No-Loss Lottery & Staking
06:58 How to set up Yieldly
07:29 Trustswap launchpad
08:24 Early bird Special
09:00 Algorand’s Interoperability Breakthrough
09:46 New projects everywhere

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Algorand ALGO Yieldly YLDY review

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I put 100 ALGO in to try it out. Let’s see how it goes

Thanks for the video. I’d love to hear your take on Augury.