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We have been focusing a lot this year to get our money working for us as we hope to achieve true financial freedom, and as we staked numerous cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and stablecoins pegged to the US dollar, we were frequently recommended to use Celsius. Thanks to Celsius for sponsoring this video review, but to be honest we really enjoyed testing their app. Their app is so easy to use, your put your coins in and BOOM you start earning interest, and all you need to deposit is $200 to secure the $20 sign-up bonus they offer. Of course Celsius wallet offers a suite of features, acting obviously as a cryptocurrency wallet, a place to lend your coins and earn passive income with cryptocurrency by earning interesting, they have a loan platform for borrowing crypto and cash, and much more! Let’s review the Celsius Wallet by Celsius Network and their CEL token!

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you should try the nexo platform they give as much as 12% interest on stable coins

Has anyone been able to transfer USDC to and from Celsius? So far my only options appear to be BTC and ETH?

They have a list of tokens you can use. Never transferred usdc but I have transferred btc, zcash, stellar lumina, and a bunch more and never had an issue

i transfer a lot of tokens from cdc to celcius without any problem

That’s so weird. I see a lot of coins that only have option of buying, but when i go to “transfer” coins the drop down menu only shows BTC, ETH, CEL. is it possible that different states have different regs?

whats your state/?

Washington. My state sucks. I cant get binance.us here either. it gets blocked when I get to the id verification stage saying it isn’t available in my area. My more lower cap alt coin choices are pretty thin.

I have continually checked and many of the coins I see available for rewards, none give me option to even purchase them. My list of coins i can actively buy are BTC, ETH, CEL, USDC. That is it. Very frustrating.

Now i find out my state is the only one in US i cant use Kraken in. It’s a US/West coast company.