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Learn how to earn passive income in cryptocurrency, excluding mining. Such as proof of stake or staking coins, masternodes, or any crypto coins that earn more coins over time.

This VoskCoin forum category is for all posts related to earning passive income in cryptocurrency, except for any form of mining, which should be directed to the mining forum category here. The most common examples of earning passive income with cryptocurrency outside of mining are things like setting up and maintaining masternodes, or staking crypto coins that essentially earn interest, or helping onboard new users to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency with tutorials and then including your referral code.

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Here’s an example of my Dell XPS laptop running Windows that I set up to stop automatically updating, remain always on and auto-lock (safety) after one minute of being idle. This laptop was running the Energi NRG 2.0 core wallet that required it to be always on for staking their coins. This is just one example of how we have earned passive income, in cryptocurrency!


I love the tech in regards to crypto, but it is also one of my main passive income streams. Mining brings in about 20% of my crypto income at current prices and difficulty. 10% comes from staking and the rest / majority comes from Bots I use to trade crypto 24x7.


I was going to but a antminre s17 but because of the halving the bot trading seems interesting what service/bot do you use?

what is the cheapest way to get my foot in the door to learn more about staking and running a node I am trying to find my best route now but im a so new I want to start small to learn first before I invest more


What did you decide to purchase and how did you like it?


Hey Vosk,

If you’re actually reading through these forums and not editing a video currently. I am having some issues staking. I’ve migrated my coins over from Coinomi because I acquired some months ago. I’ve run through all the tutorials they have offered but I cannot get my core node to see my wallet. I have a keystore created, I’ve messed with some important commands, but no use. I contacted the Energi support team who shot me over to downloading FileZilla. I really don’t have too much experience with it. Supposedly I can get my keystore over to the core node with it but I’m stuck.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks

Good day.

I have recently posted a sort message regarding a platform that helps you earn interest on your BTC and has till thus far gave good returns. If anybody is interested in finding out more they have a MirrorTrading YouTube channel. If there is interest on it and battling to get through please let me know.


Good afternoon. I want to ask how can i begin earning some crypto so i can begin this journey. My plan is. Get enough crypto, earn crypto. Use that earnings that the crypto what ever coin that it is to buy more of that crypto. Then when i have enough coins . Change it for another coin that will earn me more coins of that coin . In other words to have enough for a founding block to work with.
I hope i can make myself understand what my plans are.
best regards.

hi. please i am avid crypto lover. can u tutor me

is there any way to make more money with nicehash?