Easy Liquid Cooling Bitcoin Mining at Home! Fog Hashing C2 Install & Review

Fog Hashing is making liquid cooling your Bitcoin miners and other ASIC miners EASY with the C2 – Today we install the Fog Hashing C2 Immersion Mining system, which is supposed to be the easiest plug and play immersion mining container! Is it though?? Buy your own discounted one here - Fog Hashing | lmmersion Cooling for Crypto Mining

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My Fog Hashing B6D has been mining for a few months and been incredible, so I was super excited to get the Fog Hashing C2 in to install and review on the VoskCoin mining farm. The Fog Hashing C2 is the easiest and best way to try immersion mining, if you want to liquid cool your Bitcoin ASIC miners, Fog Hashing has really made it so easy and affordable, so I am excited to show you how I installed it, what I learned along while installing the Fog Hashing immersion mining systems, and reviewing if liquid-cooling Bitcoin miners is worth it and why??

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Installing the fog hashing C2
02:16 Setting up the drycooler
04:00 A single loop immersion system
04:32 Drilling holes for the hoses
05:50 How to install the cables and hoses
09:12 Putting the bitcoin miners into the immersion system
12:09 How to power bitcoin miners and liquid immersion systems
14:04 Using two pdu’s instead of one
16:00 Simple but effective
18:25 Putting in the immersion liquid
18:55 Merch and Lunch
19:52 Turning on the Foghashing C2 Immersion system!
22:47 Fog Hashing C2 Review
24:50 A way to mine Bitcoin in a residential area

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Easy Liquid Cooling Bitcoin Mining at Home! Fog Hashing C2 Install & Review

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