Economy 7 electricity and a digital timer plug

I wondered if anybody was using economy 7 electricity for their miners in the UK and was using a timer plug?

I’ve been trying to use an analogue timer plug without much success…
I wondered if anybody was using a digital timer plug with more success? and possibly links to purchase etc



I use Shellys for the 16A loads. That would require some DYI or pro electrical work to install. Whatever Tuya based smart plug that works with the Tuya Smartlife app for the 10A loads. I have cheap power 21:00-0700, so that’s when all the load turns on.

The EnerJ from Curries should work as a 10A smart plug that works on Tuya - or the TP Links would be fine but they have their own app.

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Hiya, I was wondering which company and tariff you might be using to be able to get cheap electricity between those times? I am on Octopus and I think I pay roughly 13p per KWH between Midnight and 7am. I am in the South east of England / UK Southampton.

Octopus are in loads of countries and are going to be constrained but the generators in the area. Here in NZ, the generators provide either flat rate or time of day rates to the retailers like Octopus. Currently Octopus over here only offers the time of day rates. I couldn’t say what they have in the UK.

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Yes :slight_smile: it seems that in the UK we get time of day rates