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Before I buy a miner I want to make sure I have my electric set up properly. The miner runs on 3450 watts (L7). I already have a 30 amp breaker, 220V and a 30 amp PDU with C13 to C14 and C19 to C20 ports. Is there 30 amp C13 to C14 or C19 to C20 cords online? The highest I see on Amazon is 20 amps. If 30 amp C13 to C14 or C19 to C20 cords do not exist, I would assume the 20 amp ones would work for my set up to power the L7? Thank you for your input! :slight_smile:

with the 80% load rule on the circuit your max is 24 Amps on a 30 Amps circuit. Now The L7 drawing around 3500 watts will draw about 15 amps so a 20 amp PDU cable will be perfect.

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The only cord that needs to carry 30 Amps is the one feeding the PDU. This is the one I bought:

Amazon.com : ACKING Extension Cord NEMA L14-30P to L14-30R SJTW 10GUAGE 3 Prong 25FT Generator Cord Adapter, Heavy Duty L14-30 Twist Locking Connector Outlet Generator Power Cord up to 7500W : Tools & Home Improvement

I cut 2.5 feet off the plug end to use as a pigtail on my metering box. The cut end passed thru a CGB (cable grip) and was wired to a 2-pole 30 Amp breaker. That cord uses #10 AWG wire which is good for 30 Amps.

Once at your PDU, there are cords available for C13-C14 or C19-C20 that can carry 10 Amps and 15 Amps. Here’s one Problem:

5.8kW Single-Phase 200-240V Basic PDU, 20 Outlets (16 C13 & 4 C19), L6-30P Input, 15 ft. Cord, 1U | Tripp Lite

This PDU has 10 amp circuit breakers on the four groups of four C-14 recepts and a 15 Amp breaker on the one group of four C-20 recepts. Here’s where I bought my C-13-C14 Solution: use the last PDU on this comment.
Power Cords:

Crypto Mining Power Cables - Cables: 1 FT PC-AC Outlet 10 Amp Power Cord 5-15P to C13

Another source is Infinitycables.com. Here’s their link:

Power Cables | InfiniteCables.com

There are PDU’s with 30 Amp 220 Volt input (L6-30), with 4 20 Amp C19-C20 outputs as shown here:

5.8kW Single-Phase 200-240V Basic PDU, 4 C19 Outlets, L6-30P Input, 12 ft. Cord, 1U | Tripp Lite

And finally, a PDU with 10 C13-C14 outputs (2 groups of 5) having 20 Amp breakers for each group of 5 receptacles. This is a more likely choice for your ASIC Miner drawing 3450 Watts. You would only be able to use one of the 5 receptacles in each group … total of 2 because there are 2 groups, with this PDU.


5.8kW Single-Phase 200-240V Basic PDU, 10 C13 Outlets, L6-30P Input, 12 ft. Cord, 1U | Tripp Lite

I just purchased an S15 pro and it has two plugins on the power supply. Do I need two power cords and do I need to plug both in? They said it has been modified S15 Pro - 32TH/s at 1750W . New at this and lost.

So this is where knowing some basic math formulas that relate to electricity will always help. Amps equal whites divided by volts.

A (amps)=W(watts) / V(volts)
They have to stay in order. Example: amps does not equal volts divided by watts
W=A x V

Watts / volts= amps

30 amp breaker x .8 (80%) = 24 amps max
24 amps x 240 volts = 5,760 watts. This would give you the maximum amount of watts you could use on a 30 amp circuit at 240 V. If your voltage coming in is 120 or 220 or 230 your wattage would be correspondingly lower.

You can use this formula and every algebraic version of it to figure how many amps you need, how many watts you can safely get from a circuit or even determine the voltage. As long as you have two of the values the other is just a calculator away.


Here’s a resource that I found it has some pretty good options and they have a good bit of experience with electrical design for mining farms.


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You just need cord that can handle 20 amps since your ASIC will technically be pulling 15 amperes. You won’t be running 30 amps on a single cord if it’s 240V, that’s only if your supply voltage is 120V.

FYI If you know an electrician they can actually make you a custom cord to your specific needs, just in case there’s nothing in stock or available to order

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