Electric Advice Needed

Before I buy a miner I want to make sure I have my electric set up properly. The miner runs on 3450 watts (L7). I already have a 30 amp breaker, 220V and a 30 amp PDU with C13 to C14 and C19 to C20 ports. Is there 30 amp C13 to C14 or C19 to C20 cords online? The highest I see on Amazon is 20 amps. If 30 amp C13 to C14 or C19 to C20 cords do not exist, I would assume the 20 amp ones would work for my set up to power the L7? Thank you for your input! :slight_smile:

with the 80% load rule on the circuit your max is 24 Amps on a 30 Amps circuit. Now The L7 drawing around 3500 watts will draw about 15 amps so a 20 amp PDU cable will be perfect.

Thank you!

The only cord that needs to carry 30 Amps is the one feeding the PDU. This is the one I bought:

Amazon.com : ACKING Extension Cord NEMA L14-30P to L14-30R SJTW 10GUAGE 3 Prong 25FT Generator Cord Adapter, Heavy Duty L14-30 Twist Locking Connector Outlet Generator Power Cord up to 7500W : Tools & Home Improvement

I cut 2.5 feet off the plug end to use as a pigtail on my metering box. The cut end passed thru a CGB (cable grip) and was wired to a 2-pole 30 Amp breaker. That cord uses #10 AWG wire which is good for 30 Amps.

Once at your PDU, there are cords available for C13-C14 or C19-C20 that can carry 10 Amps and 15 Amps. Here’s one Problem:

5.8kW Single-Phase 200-240V Basic PDU, 20 Outlets (16 C13 & 4 C19), L6-30P Input, 15 ft. Cord, 1U | Tripp Lite

This PDU has 10 amp circuit breakers on the four groups of four C-14 recepts and a 15 Amp breaker on the one group of four C-20 recepts. Here’s where I bought my C-13-C14 Solution: use the last PDU on this comment.
Power Cords:

Crypto Mining Power Cables - Cables: 1 FT PC-AC Outlet 10 Amp Power Cord 5-15P to C13

Another source is Infinitycables.com. Here’s their link:

Power Cables | InfiniteCables.com

There are PDU’s with 30 Amp 220 Volt input (L6-30), with 4 20 Amp C19-C20 outputs as shown here:

5.8kW Single-Phase 200-240V Basic PDU, 4 C19 Outlets, L6-30P Input, 12 ft. Cord, 1U | Tripp Lite

And finally, a PDU with 10 C13-C14 outputs (2 groups of 5) having 20 Amp breakers for each group of 5 receptacles. This is a more likely choice for your ASIC Miner drawing 3450 Watts. You would only be able to use one of the 5 receptacles in each group … total of 2 because there are 2 groups, with this PDU.


5.8kW Single-Phase 200-240V Basic PDU, 10 C13 Outlets, L6-30P Input, 12 ft. Cord, 1U | Tripp Lite