Electrical Adapters for PDU - trying to plug into dryer and range outlets

Hi All,

I am new to mining. Planning out the most ultimate setup at my apartment. I rent; so, cannot do modifications to the wiring, etc. Trying to find some adapters that could help me get PDUs plugged in.

I would like to plug PDUs into the outlets for the dryer and stove/range:

  1. Dryer - NEMA 14-30 (Male) to NEMA L6-30P (Female) adapter.
  2. Electrical Range - NEMA 14-50P (Male) to NEMA L6-30P (Female) adapter.

I am able to dedicate these outlets just for mining purposes, so there is no concern about sharing the circuits with the appliances.

I looked for them on amazon but was unable to locate them.

Perhaps, another option is to find a PDU with NEMA 14-30 and NEMA 14-50P???

Please point in the right direction.


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Just go on Amazon and in the Amazon search bar type dryer cord they are under $20 you will need either a 3 pin or 4 pin depending on your outlet.

I did and all the dryer cords do not have L6-30P on the other end.

they dont you have to wire the L6-30p to it.

Since I cannot change the wiring of the building, I guess, I will have to figure out how to replace the male plug of the PDU from L6-30P to 14-30; unless you know of a PDU that already has such a plug on it?

This the adapter I think you are looking for.

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Yes, it looks like it. The only thing is that it says " L6-30R" (has “R” instead of “P”) - would you happen to know if that matters in this case.

Thank you for the help.

r stands for receptacle p stands for p

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@Ksu @foggon5 Thank you both!!!

Also found the adapter for the range outlet, in case anyone is looking - https://smile.amazon.com/AC-WORKS-AD1450L630-Locking-Generator/dp/B079J86RS8/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=NEMA+14-50P+(Male)+to+NEMA+L6-30+adapter&qid=1633911964&sr=8-7

Right on. And what ru planning for sound?

Do you mean the noise?
Nothing planned. What are your recommendations?
These would be in a laundry room.

This pdu can directly go to the dryer plug and it’s a cheap solution

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I have Ordered this with dryer plug 14-30

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Expensive option but Comes with meter and can use dryer when required.

Dryer buddy is for dryers and Electric Range buddy for stove. You can order which ever plug you want

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It looks like the meter on this does not show kWh. Are you planning to use a separate meter for that?

These are nice indeed. Thank you

great. thanks

Look on pot growing sites.

Do you mean for the sound barrier?