Electricity For Dummies (Or, how not to burn your house down)

I feel like there should be some sort of mining safety thread pinned on here. I’ve noticed a few pre-built rigs for sale on places, nothing that they’ve got 1600W PSU’s that can run on 120 or 220 volt… But, with the configurations on some of these rigs I’m pretty dubious that they’d be safe to run regular residential electric outside of 220 volt plugs. Perhaps someone that knows what they’re doing (not me :D) should put together a quick guide on how to safely set-up a rig?

(Edited in alter) I found a decent article about the topic too: How Many Mining Rigs On One Circuit

This is true most wiring to over 20 year old for residential is rated to 110 volts at 15 amps so if that is what your running 1600 watts on continuously it’s not good.