Electricity Question/Sub Panel

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I am running a 50 Amp sub panel off of my main breaker box would it be better to run 1-50 Amp 120/240 Outlet and use a PDU, or run 1-30 Amp Outlet 120/240V and 1-20 Amp 120/240V outlet. Is there any benefit to running 2 outlets as opposed to 1 50?

What are you planning to hook up to it?

I have 9 goldshell boxes 1 iPollo G1 Mini, and 2 s11s

What is the wattage for each of your miners? If you have all your miners on 1 50amp breaker and it trips they are all offline. If you have multiple breakers then less machines will go offline if a breaker trips.

do a 220 30a and could have 20a at a diff location jsut makesure u get a pdu for it eitherway

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