Elphapex DG1 Dogecoin Litecoin ASIC Miner Mining Profitability and Review

Earning over $35 per day in passive income, the Elphapex DG1 is about to take over Dogecoin mining, which results in about $3m of daily mining profitability, since its merge mined with Litecoin, Bitcoins little brother! Buy a DG1 here - https://voskco.in/adg1

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Elphapex DG 1 official website - ElphaPex

Dogecoin mining is more profitable than Kaspa mining, only 2nd to Bitcoin mining, and DOGE miners also mine Litecoin LTC which has always been a profitable cryptocurrency to mine. So the Elphapex DG 1 came out of nowhere but its now the best SCRYPT ASIC miner! Let’s review it, in my initial testing, I was surprised good and bad, with this new Elphapex dg1 mining rig…

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00:00 I bought the most profitable Dogecoin miner
01:15 What is the ElphaPex DG1 miner?
06:57 ElphaPex DG1 initial performance stats
08:45 ElphaPex DG1 performance
12:53 ElphaPex DG1 mining profitability
16:02 ElphaPex DG1 have long boot times
17:35 Resellers are picking up ElphaPex DG1
18:18 ElphaPex DG1 mining profitability update
18:57 Is this a good miner?

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Elphapex DG1 Dogecoin Litecoin ASIC Miner Mining Profitability and Review

That’s awesome, I Been undecided to buy 3 of these or 3 more L7 for the farm. Have you got any info if OC firmware is available for it ?

havent heard of any OC firmware yet, it is mining better after removing the back up pools on the dg 1 as well

Good deal that’s awesome, damn DG1 stubborn or scattered brain with the other pools lol :laughing: