EMERGENCY! I Am Helium Blacklisted

Hi, I supported this channel, I clicked on the BlockFi URL link and signed up, I clicked on the tails edition GoldShell Mini-Doge Link and bought 6 of them. Then I clicked on the Bobcat 300 URL link and bought this miner here after waiting 9 months, now there are 2 other Helium hotspots in this sector. Anyways, Vosk and others say if you buy a better dbi antenna and mount it high up, then it will improve your Helium rewards, so I did that also. The antenna is a 5.6 dbi from Rak Wireless and is high on my roof here. AND GUESS WHAT? I hooked up everything, powered it on and Nothing! The green light comes on, its synced to the network, but it never shows up on Helium Explorer as a valid hotspot, nor earns any rewards. WHY? So, I open a ticket with Bobcat and they say this…
-------------------------- Per check, your miner is in Helium blacklist. Please kindly visit GitHub https://github.com/helium/denylist/issues to submit real miner placement to appeal to remove blacklist.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

So, I conclude by assuming that my upgraded Rak antenna and me climbing high on my roof to mount it, then now my Bobcat 300 has way too much reception and transmissions and they think I are gaming or cheating the network? So, the validators think I will earn too much Helium? They think I are the bad guy for all my efforts. Stupid, Huh? So now, what shall I do with this miner that does nothing??? I guess, I have to wipe the data from this location from it and sell it on Ebay? Maybe someone else that uses the plain stock antenna that comes with it can make it work? I think so, but what do you think? What would you do? huh?

That’s pretty bizarre. Your setup alone shouldn’t have blacklisted your miner. I have a similar setup as yours with my miners. I’ve never heard of getting blacklisted for such a thing. Strange

Never heard of that happening. Your antenna and height will not have any impact on your location. Location is determined by hex. Those are not impacted by height.

I had a BobCat get black listed for putting 2 on the same IP address and even had them 1000 feet apart, but being on the same wallet and the same IP address, they killed one of them.

So I put the black listed one on my exwife phone, and then I moved it to her house and relocated it, and it only took 1 week for it to recover and make HNT again. Its on the stock antenna now and making .3 a day in her area.