Energiswap Review and Tutorial - a CHEAPER Uniswap

The Energi NRG Cryptocurrency forked Ethereum and Uniswap to create a better ETH blockchain or basically bring ETH 2.0 early and then launched their own CHEAPER version of Uniswap, Energiswap, here’s how to use it! Subscribe to VoskCoin - http://voskco.in/Sub

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I’ve been following Energi NRG crypto for years, previously NRG was a mineable cryptocurrency using proof of work but then they upgraded to Energi 3.0 and moved to a proof of stake staking network rewarding NRG stakers and NRG masternodes. NRG and TommyWorldPower recognized the power of the Ethereum Virtual Machine EVM and smart-contract Dapp capabilities and began building their 3.0 blockchain around these exciting and powerful new developments. The most exciting launch from NRG is their new Energiswap, it’s basically their clone or fork or version of Uniswap and it’s powered by NRG and governed by NRG as opposed to Uniswap which is powered by ETH and governed by UNI tokens. Let’s review Energiswap, and how to use it as it’s the cheapest decentralized exchange DEX right now!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Low fees with DeFI on ENERGISWAP
02:16 Energi Passive income with Masternodes
03:03 How to use ENERGISWAP with Metamask
06:48 Buy Energi $NRG on KuCoin
07:34 ENERGISWAP is similar to UNISWAP
09:39 Earning passive income by providing Liquidity
13:27 The Energi blockchain has huge potential

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Energiswap tutorial guide review