Energizing the HDD Mining Shed! Passive Income with Hard Drives!

Energizing the VoskCoin HDD Mining Shed, this is a customized Amish shed turned into basically my own little DIY data center built for earning passive income with hard drives HDD mining Chia XCH and other cryptocurrencies! Buy your own HDD miners here - shop – Evergreen

Buy a Chia Mining Rig from Evergreen here - Evergreen Miner v2.5 VoskCoin Tails Edition
Jusey also made their own Hard Drive miner - JuseyMiners Chia Miner
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PLEASE help me design this HDD mining shed to be better lol - Converting a shed into a Hard Drive Mining Data Center

Really exciting to launch the VoskCoin Tails Edition Evergreen Miner with EVG, it also helped expand our HDD mining farm as we now have more than 1 PB mining Chia XCH or farming this crypto coin. Is hard drive mining worth it? Is it too late to be mining, well gosh dangit we will be living proof of whatever that answer is lol!

Watch my initial HDD DIY data center plans here - https://youtu.be/9vgPasT2MRQ
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00:00 The crypto mining farm is expanding!
02:11 The Chia mining shed is done!
03:55 Filling the harddrive mining shed up!
04:43 Is Hard-drive mining profitable?
05:55 Why build a shed?
07:35 Running cool and efficient
09:30 Planning for the future
11:06 How much am I earning?
13:09 Hitting blocks and getting rewards
15:00 The fastest mining project until now
17:17 Support the channel!

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Energizing the HDD Mining Shed! Passive Income with Hard Drives!