EPI-1559 should I be worried about it?

With the latest approval has the timeline for mining etherium shortened? I have heard it would be 1-2 more years. With the approval vote for the EPI-1559 in last couple days does that mean the life of my country mining rigs have shortened? Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks

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I’m wondering the same my friend. I’ve also heard a year or two, bit there’s something else coming in June or July that I’ve heard is happening for sure. Like a hard fork but don’t quote me on that. I still need to research some more on that call that happened the other day. Everything I’ve invested should be returned by then but even if not, I didn’t put anything into this that I wasn’t prepared to lose anyway. But also, I chose GPU mining for this reason exactly; we can always switch to another coin as opposed to ASICs. I would love to hear other people’s opinions on this forum that are more knowledgeable on this subject, though.